"Pugs" have a bad reputation as a fat and lazy breed and many people think that we can only jump on the sofa... It's about time the world see pugs as a healthy and active breed of dogs...
Our agility titles: Balearic champion 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. National champion in 2011 and 2012, finished second due to injury in 2013. Represented Spain at the World Agility Open in 2011, 2012 where we make the penthalon finales each year and in 2014 we were picked as a wild card and once again made the finales of the penthalon 14th overall and biathlon 23rd, I'm so proud of my Pancho for all his hard work....Yes a Pug at the World championships!!! In 2013 we also represented España at EO in Belgium and won 4 rosettes at the International Agility Festival in grade 6 with a 4th, 8th and 9th place and 1st place at the IFCS qualifier at Oxford.
Top 3 on every class at the Jersey Agility festival and made the small final. Pepito and Wilson have won titles too at trials like the Fab Show in Oxford UK in 2013 and team events with Pancho and many podiums at the Jersay agility festival too. I'm so proud of my babies, I really can't ask for more. OUR MOTO "PUGS RULE


28 janv. 2014

Wilson's displacy

2 years since Wislon's last X ray I'm so pleased to let you know that he is 100%.

I can call him my little body builder Wilson...look at the size of those thighs!! Wilson has an advance displacy and I was also told today that Wilson's kneecaps are also in an advance stage but again because of the strong muscles and ligaments, he doesn't show any signs of any problem.

So you see in this kind of physical problem surgery is only an option and with physiotherapy training and great care you can have a healthy and pain free dog. 

3 very different pugs in the ring

I'm so lucky to have 3 great pugs to handle. They are so different but this is why I love the challenge in the ring.

Pancho is very fast and mistakes can come very quickly but I trust him 100% and if there is a mistake it can only be because of my mistake.
Pepito is 99% reliable and will only do what asked, ok he is not as fast as Pancho but he will always give me 100%.
Wilson is a baby and has both Pancho with the speed/drive and Pepito with his reliability. His only problem comes from his bad eye sight which can make him "crash" onto jumps and take wide turns. I'm working very hard to be visible to him nad to make it easier for him to know when we are going

The following video has my 3 boys working the same courses and you can see each's dog's strenght and at time their struggle, enjoy :)  

11 janv. 2014

Our first training for the new year 2014

This new year has started with a bang and both Pepito and Wilson have been working very well with those 4 challenging courses.

Nothing too hard here just the weave entrance at a difficult hangle for a young dog.

Course 2:
Jump 5 to 6 may be difficult again for a young dog with the tunnel and the layering too. 

Course 3:
The weave on the left was a new thing for both pugs, they did great :) 

Course 4:
A few dangers on that course too.

Here is the video of the 4 courses with different handlings as each pug is different and one way can work better for one dog but not for the other, so it's important to see each dog as an individual.

New year's walk at the beach

Like every year I take the pugs to the beach for a nice long walk and again this year the weather was very good and the babies really enjoyed their day :)