"Pugs" have a bad reputation as a fat and lazy breed and many people think that we can only jump on the sofa... It's about time the world see pugs as a healthy and active breed of dogs...
Our agility titles: Balearic champion 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. National champion in 2011 and 2012, finished second due to injury in 2013. Represented Spain at the World Agility Open in 2011, 2012 where we make the penthalon finales each year and in 2014 we were picked as a wild card and once again made the finales of the penthalon 14th overall and biathlon 23rd, I'm so proud of my Pancho for all his hard work....Yes a Pug at the World championships!!! In 2013 we also represented España at EO in Belgium and won 4 rosettes at the International Agility Festival in grade 6 with a 4th, 8th and 9th place and 1st place at the IFCS qualifier at Oxford.
Top 3 on every class at the Jersey Agility festival and made the small final. Pepito and Wilson have won titles too at trials like the Fab Show in Oxford UK in 2013 and team events with Pancho and many podiums at the Jersay agility festival too. I'm so proud of my babies, I really can't ask for more. OUR MOTO "PUGS RULE


26 févr. 2012

Our 3rd agility anniversary

In february 2008, we started agility at our club Mitjanit in Mallorca. Pancho was 7 months old and Pepito was 6 month old, and may ask why agility?? I had two little devils full of energy!! From the start they both showed that they had what it took to be great agility pugs!!! Even Gordon and Frimousse enjoyed jumping. I can honestly say that agility has change our lifes and has allowed me to meet so many people with my passion for sport.

20 févr. 2012

Competition February 2012

This is the video of last weekend's competition. I have mixed emotions because we had 2 superbe jumpings with very little to say, just that Pancho's was brilliant. But 2 eliminations at the agility courses. On the first course I made a mistake with my handling from 3 to 4 but we kept going and Pancho was brilliant all the way. The second agility run was a mess and that was due to my lack of experience and I didn't know how to run those 2 sequences. Enjoy the show :D
This is the course that gave me the most problems this weekend...

14 févr. 2012

WAO 2012


It's official my 2 babies Pancho and Pepito will be in the Spanish team for 2012!!! Last year was our first year with just Pancho but this year 2 pugs at an international event like this one will open's people eyes on the breed and we may see more litte guys like our pugs on the circuit. I'm so proud of my boys and as always I know they'll give me 100%. We have 3 months to prepare and get in real shape, so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PUGS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

13 févr. 2012

Wilson dysplacia

Today we went to see our specialist for Wilson's dysplacia. After 5 months since the last xray, we had to see if there were any changes as he is still growing. You can see that the right hip has the most problem as the head of the femur is not inside the socket as it should be. I have circuled the right hip as it is the weakest in
Wilson's case...

So what can we do to help him to be pain free and a happy little pug?? Simple, we need to excersies his little legs to make sure that his gluts and thighs are strong and keep the head of the femur in place:
* Using a cone make a figure of 8 as slowly as possible.
* Using a big gym ball have the dog stand on it and help him keep his balance, make sure he uses his hip to balance himself...
* Go over a pole at about 20cm from the ground but leg by leg without jumping.
* Walking backward slowly.
* "Sit-stand" about 10 repetitions.
* Walking slowly on a 10% ramp like a treadmill or on the road.

Using a harness will help the dog use his back legs without hurting his neck and everything has to be done as slowly as possible to work the muscles in the correct way.

If you want to see more about the treatments we have had up to know, you can find 2 videos about it on our blog at the bottom of the page. Enjoy x

10 févr. 2012

Contacts training

It's very cold and I don't really want the pugs to get injured, so we are not doing any courses or fast movement. This is the oportunity to work on the contacts and weave entrance. With Pancho I'm going to concentrate on the seesaw, Pancho is taking a few risks on the landing!!! We are going to work with a circle at the end of the contact to make sure he waits long enought to go under the cirlce and not jumping before the contact has touched the ground. We are also going to work the same way with the circle on the dog walk to make sure it does to the end of the contact and not side ways.

With Pepito we are going to work on the weave entrance and also adding speed too. And like Pancho, we are going to work on the seesaw and make sure he does go to the end of the contact and use his weight better to be faster.

As for my own fitness, I'm running twice a week to make sure I'm up to my Pancho's speed and that I'm not a burdon for him.... I'm enjoying it very much and it gives me some time alone for a change.