"Pugs" have a bad reputation as a fat and lazy breed and many people think that we can only jump on the sofa... It's about time the world see pugs as a healthy and active breed of dogs...
Our agility titles: Balearic champion 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. National champion in 2011 and 2012, finished second due to injury in 2013. Represented Spain at the World Agility Open in 2011, 2012 where we make the penthalon finales each year and in 2014 we were picked as a wild card and once again made the finales of the penthalon 14th overall and biathlon 23rd, I'm so proud of my Pancho for all his hard work....Yes a Pug at the World championships!!! In 2013 we also represented España at EO in Belgium and won 4 rosettes at the International Agility Festival in grade 6 with a 4th, 8th and 9th place and 1st place at the IFCS qualifier at Oxford.
Top 3 on every class at the Jersey Agility festival and made the small final. Pepito and Wilson have won titles too at trials like the Fab Show in Oxford UK in 2013 and team events with Pancho and many podiums at the Jersay agility festival too. I'm so proud of my babies, I really can't ask for more. OUR MOTO "PUGS RULE


30 mai 2012


With this beautiful weather we can only have a pug pool party!!!! Wilson started with his life jacket to work on his extention for his dysplacia, they all had a great time and really enjoy the pool....This is the joy to live in a great location :)

WAO 2012

Back from WAO "World agility open" in Belgium with my 2 champions Pancho and Pepito. Our team was a little bigger than last year for sure and some nice people too, it was great meeting them. The event in itself was good, but not as good as last year, no embiance and a little dole, no public either but you can't have everything...
As far as my babies were concerned they did very well, Pancho made the pentathlon's final of the top 20 dogs for the second year running and would have finished 7th, but an elimination is not the way to get a good score over all so at the end we placed 19th out of 50 dogs... And Pepito managed to finish in the top 40. At the biathlon Pancho had a beautilful clear round and again due to my mistake we were eliminated at the long jump because I was behind him and didn't support him on the jump... I'm crossed with myself for that type of mistakes.... Pancho entered the snooker and I'm pleased to say that this year we scored 21 points!!! Last year we only managed 3...

So overall I'm very happy with my runs and with my Pancho and Pepito... The trip was long... too long, very tiring for me and the pugs 1400km in 3 days is a lot. 
On the first of June Pancho and I are going to England to compete in Hinckley then Thames and we will finish in Tonbridge Wells. I'm very excited about it and we are going to learn new things and run differents courses too. Will let you know how we did in 3 weeks time... Pugs rule!!!!

12 mai 2012

WAO "World agility open" 2012

Monday morning we are on our way to the World agility Open in Maaseik Belgium!!! 
First, 8 hours on the ferry from Palma to Barcelona then we will stay at the French border for the night. Tuesday we have 540km to Maçon where we will spend the night, then Wednesday 670km to our camp site where we have a chalet in the woods just 100 meters from the event. I have to say I'm not looking forward to all that car journey...
I'm travelling with my 2 beautiful boys: Pancho in the class 40cm and Pepito in the class 30cm. They are both going to compete in the individual pentathlon, individual biathlon and the team pentathlon for Spain. We are all very excited and have nothing to loose, just have a good time with nice people from all around the world...
*Thursday, we have the vet check then 30 minutes for training with the Team. 
*Friday morning is the start of the championships with the team Pentathlon agility run, then the individual pentathlon agility run. In the afternoon we have the team pentathlon jumping, individual pentathlon jumping and then the jumping of the biathlon... 
*Saturday if we make the cut as they only take the first 75% of the first day, we have again the agility run and jumping of both pentathlon individual and team.
*Sunday is the last day with the agility run of the biathlon and the two speedstakes of the individual and team pentathlon.  
We are not going to feel alone and have our fan club at home cheering of us!!!!!
What are our chances?? You know what I don't know, it all depends of my handling as my pugs are already real professionals.... but I think that we are already winners to have made the team and show the world that pugs can also rub shoulders with the best dogs of the agility world... 
You can follow our progress on the official website  www.worldagilityopen.com/video.html or on facebook

World Agility Open Championships

PUGS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9 mai 2012

National competition Asturias

This weekend we went to Asturias for a national competition with my Pancho. 
The courses were good but I'm very disappointed with the judge's times, too low for the level of competition and it was done to help some of her friends with slow dogs... It's unacceptable and it shouldn't happen in any agility events. 
This is the video of our courses with a few comments too.

I won't waste my time with those people again and we have much bigger and better events to come like the "World agility open" in Belgium from the 18th to the 20th of May.

1 mai 2012

Training day May 2012

Today was a beautiful day and we had a very good and productive session. We worked on a course from the  IFCS World championships 2008. Really enjoyed it and tried new things like layering the dog walk and I was very pleased with Pancho's sit. 
I took that course from Dawn Weaver's book (page 213) where you will find how to handle it with speed and control.
Please find the video of our training, enjoy.