"Pugs" have a bad reputation as a fat and lazy breed and many people think that we can only jump on the sofa... It's about time the world see pugs as a healthy and active breed of dogs...
Our agility titles: Balearic champion 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. National champion in 2011 and 2012, finished second due to injury in 2013. Represented Spain at the World Agility Open in 2011, 2012 where we make the penthalon finales each year and in 2014 we were picked as a wild card and once again made the finales of the penthalon 14th overall and biathlon 23rd, I'm so proud of my Pancho for all his hard work....Yes a Pug at the World championships!!! In 2013 we also represented España at EO in Belgium and won 4 rosettes at the International Agility Festival in grade 6 with a 4th, 8th and 9th place and 1st place at the IFCS qualifier at Oxford.
Top 3 on every class at the Jersey Agility festival and made the small final. Pepito and Wilson have won titles too at trials like the Fab Show in Oxford UK in 2013 and team events with Pancho and many podiums at the Jersay agility festival too. I'm so proud of my babies, I really can't ask for more. OUR MOTO "PUGS RULE


29 nov. 2012

Spanish championships 2012

Please find the video of my Pancho at the Spanish championships in Madrid 2012. 
I'm not going to say more, Pancho does all the talking on the video with his courage and talent.. Love you baby x

25 nov. 2012

Back to work

Today was our first day back after a well deserved rest for Pancho and also for me!!!The beautiful weather is really helping with our training.

Pancho was so excited to go back to work, I used that energy to train the sit/stay, he did a good job. Then we ran a fairy easy and fluide course to get back into it nicely and we also worked on our contacts. 

Wilson also trained well today, because of his bad eye sight he is doing much better when he is on my left. But I guess it is something we need to work on. 

Next weekend we are starting the new agility season 2012/2013 with Pancho in grade 2 and in grade 0 Wilson and Frimousse!!! Pepito will jump in grade 0 with his dad just for fun as he is now retired from competitive agility.

Time off

Since the Spanish Championships early this month, we've had some time off to rest our legs and paws. 
While Pancho was enjoying the sunshine and resting, I was busy getting things sorted for our new agility season. I had to have a new transport bag made for Pancho's plane travels.
Then I had to find some clothing as the weather is getting a little cold in the evenings. I went to our supermarket and bought some baby t-shirts size 12 months. I had to adjust the neckline because it was a little big with an elastic band and cut the body to size.
As you can see it's perfect!!! and very fashionable...

17 nov. 2012

What's up...

We have been off for 2 weeks after returning from the Spanish open championships in Madrid. 
Pancho did me very proud and I can honestly say that we ran some of our best runs and despite some poles and a "some what" puzzling elimination, I'm very happy.
I will post the video sometime soon and I hope you will enjoy it.